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We’re independent

Tourism Resources Company is an independent tourism consultancy business. We opened our doors in 1991. Since then we have collectively consulted on more than 900 projects in both the UK and abroad.

We employ researchers, analysts and consultants. And when your project needs expertise we don’t have, we hire specialist contractors.

We focus exclusively on tourism and leisure

We specialise in tourism, leisure and recreation projects. We’re happy working on our own, working alongside other specialist consultants or as part of a larger planning or economic regeneration team.

We deliver outstanding value and personal service

We’re a small consultancy with lower overheads (no London office or top-heavy management structure to support) meaning you benefit from competitive fee levels. And because we’re a small team you’ll always deal with the same people who make it their priority to get to know you well.

We understand the challenge of pleasing different stakeholders

Sandy Steven, James Adam and David Bullough form the backbone of our consulting team. Highly skilled presenters and facilitators, Sandy, James and David can bring together a diverse group of stakeholders and create a vision everyone can believe in.

We help your project succeed

Our evidence-based approach means we bring everything to the table, warts and all. We work with you until we achieve a realistic solution. And if we think your project won’t work, despite exhausting all feasible alternatives, we’ll tell you so.

Is there anything else you’re looking for in tourism consultants that we haven’t covered?

Call us now on +44 (0) 141 353 1143 or email us via our contact form and tell us what you need.